"Custom Designed by You" Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove

"Custom Designed by You" Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove
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Product Description

Custom design your own Rawlings' Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred ($449.95) baseball glove. Choose from hundreds of options including model, size, web, embroidery options and the colors of almost every part of the glove. Each glove takes 6-8 weeks for delivery. To design your own, please follow the steps listed below. Make sure they are followed step by step to ensure that your custom design reaches us in the proper form and with the correct information.

1. Visit http://mylocker.rawlings.com/, click on Register in the top right hand corner if you do not have an account currently. Registration is needed to ensure that the glove is shared correctly.

2. Design your glove. You can choose from either Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred (the GXLE glove is no longer available with custom options). Make sure that all of the glove options are gone through. There are four tabs on the top right titled Select, Customize, Options and Personalize. Each tab brings up many of options below that can be chosen. Once you complete the glove, double check your work. As it is custom, we are unable to give refunds due to input errors.

3. This step is the one that causes the most errors. Once you have double checked your glove, click SAVE. Many have clicked share at this point and the total design does not come through. Once you save it, it will appear in the "My Collection" at the bottom of the mylocker homepage.

4. Click on the glove in the "My Collection" area and then the Share Selected option right above it. Choose to share it via email. Email it to us at wiabbatco@yahoo.com. Include your phone number and shipping address in the email and we will call for payment.

5. Anxiously await the arrival of what will be your most prized possession.

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